Feel Like a Kid Again! Buy a Power Wheels For Yourself

 January 31, 2008
Posted by Rashed Talukder

So I bought something awesome; a Power Wheels. I’ve wanted one since I was probably 6, and my parents were financially unable to. Imagine my envy though when my uncle bought my little brother one when he was 3. Well at last, at the young age of 23, I finally have my own kids Power Wheels. Not to mention that it is a “big and manly” Ford F-150. This puppy comes with a pull-out tailgate, plastic wheels for the sick peel-outs, a real FM radio with cool truck sounds, hooks up front for lugging those big heavy twigs off the driveway, and a whopping 5mph top speed (if I was 80lbs lighter).

Stay tuned as this bad-boy gets some sweet upgrades and becomes my senior project for autonomous safety!

Power Wheels F-150 Not Just for Kids


  1. bob dylan

    • Alex

      Uh, he’s built this thing for over 4 years now. Here’s a video:

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