Chelsea Clinton’s Visit For Primary Elections 2008 at Cal Poly

 February 2, 2008
Posted by Rashed Talukder

In case you don’t know for whatever reason, the primary elections are taking place right now and it’s kind of a big deal since the majority of the American public can’t wait until Bush Jr. is out of the office. So to promote the candidates for each camp, they are going around state to state and campaigning. Lucky for Hillary, she has a intelligent young daughter to go around and aid her to get to the college students all around the nation. It’s a clever move by her because I mean really, what a better way to get to young people and actually have them possibly vote than to have a person who is close to their/our age to represent and speak to us. It makes it easy for and and actually gives us this wild and crazy idea that maybe Chelsea will influence her mom to give more of what us youngin’s want.

The guy next to Chelsea looks really stoned

My first impressions of Chelsea were all very surprising, first off, she’s pretty cute. I remember back when Bill was in office and we had all seen pictures of her walking around and honestly, she looked like an awkward teen to me but she’s definitely gotten significantly more put together as time has gone by. Second, she was actually interesting and well educated on her mothers policies and ideas. Usually when you hear representatives speak, they are giving you their own viewpoints instead of the person they are representing. For me, the most annoying case of this I had witnessed was Rudy Guiliani’s representative at Cal Poly during the republican debate. He was horrible and sealed the deal for me not wanting to see Rudy as the rep. for the republicans by only talking about his own ideas and telling people not to vote for democrats to an audience that was pretty much all republican anyways.

I got to touch her coat before a mob of crazies pushed me!Even with some microphone difficulties and confusions on why was suppose to ask questions, Chelsea was able to answer almost every question presented to her by the audience with great diligence and depth. She did not flinch at all with almost no hesitation and “umm’s.” Best of all, every single answer she gave started out with “My mother believes that” or something of the same sort. I wish that more people representing a candidate would speak as such because I got a much clearer understanding of her mothers health, educational, and border policies than I did from almost any other person representing a candidate with the exception of Huckabee’s representative.

By the way, my favorite part of the speech was when this one lady asked the most important question of all that was 100% relevant to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and essential to Chelsea Clinton’s life – “what is your favorite food that your mom makes.” I don’t see the point in asking her that question but it was funny none-the-less and especially when the answer were the most simple of foods like eggs, tomato soup, sandwiches. I suppose though if you want to look at that question positively like I am trying to, it shows that Hillary is so busy in congress and in politics in general through-out her life that she doesn’t have the time and leisure to sit around in front of the oven and spend hours cooking something expansive and elaborate.

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    I don’t think Chelsea directly answered all the questions. But then, which candidate does (besides Huckabee’s dude). Chelsea is certainly very bright. Now if only Condi would visit Poly. That would be SWEET!

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