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Tablet Durability Test: Car vs Surface RT

 November 12, 2012
Posted by Rashed Talukder

We’ve all read about how durable Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet with Windows RT is, well what about putting it up to the challenge? Microsoft thought they did that by dropping it on stage at the Surface release event on to a thinly carpeted floor, but a member of WPCentral (berty6294), decided that this wasn’t enough – so he decided to have it run over by several cars instead. On the question on which tablet is the toughest, the Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface, through Berty6294’s post the Surface win’s hands down.

“next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions!”

Berty6294 left the pricey tablet on the roof of his car and proceeded to drive to work. Only a bit later he realized his mistake and came rushing back, to witness it get run over by several cars – not the kind of thing you want to start your day with. After reclaiming the tablet from the jagged ground, he noticed only minor scratches and scuffs on the vaporMag casing, the Gorilla Glass wasn’t even phased.

Going home, he tried to turn the tablet on, and it did. Everything worked perfectly and other than some minor bruises to the tablet and his ego, it was as if nothing happened. That really is a testament to the workmanship and build of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. The touted toughness and lightness of the vaporMag case really proved to be true.

I’ve seen some Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s get dropped on to concrete or asphalt all of them having shattered the screen. The Surface RT though, getting dropped and run over wasn’t enough. Maybe Berty needs to take a sledge hammer next time and see how far he can go…j/k 🙂

Have you had your tablet run over or fall? How did it fair afterwards? Tell the world in the comments


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    In the last month, it is now November 2013, my Surface RT has hit the floor about three times. Not a very large fall, maybe four to five feet, but definitely enough I was worried about whether or not it was gonna laugh at me one more time. So far it has every time, amazingly, and no cracks, no chipped paint. So far as I can tell, no damages have I come across so far. Currently upgrading to 8.1 and it is at 92% of that. So I am kind of excited to see the changes and what I will have to learn from Microsoft next. I think it is a handy little device for the most part, sure it has its limitations, but as long as I don’t try to step outside of those….he doesn’t laugh at me. Thanks for all these informational posts in here. It is good to see people are trying to work with and around things and not just keep the information to themselves. I appreciate it.

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    Hey Dave,

    Glad to hear your RT has survived so many tumbles so well. I’m pretty sure that what you thought about your Surface RT is about to get significantly better with 8.1. It is essentially what it should have been out of the box. Windows 8.1 really pushes the bounds of what’s possible with a Windows RT device and gives the sluggish Surface RT a lot more pep.

    Thanks for writing and I’ll be sure to try to post more soon!

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    Any word on when sharing a destokp from Windows 8 will be available? We are looking for a solution that is compatible, and right now it looks like Teamviewer is one of the few that works. We were hoping that Join.me would catch up ..at least over the time since the last post on this thread.

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