Review: Logitech MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

 July 3, 2008
Posted by Rashed Talukder

The Logitech Mediaboard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for the Sony Playstaion 3 offers an incredibly seamless and good looking wireless keyboard option for the PS3. It boasts Bluetooth technology that the PS3 utilizes instead of standard IR signals of standard remotes.


The Logitech Mediaboard Pro was discovered by the PS3 and connected in a matter of seconds literally. At a first glance, the Mediaboard Pro’s top black plastic looks exactly like the PlayStation 3’s cover and that is definitely a good thing. With it’s very sleek and sexy black design and chrome media buttons it matches the PS3’s look completely.

Using the Mediaboard Pro is like that of a normal keyboard except for the few buttons made for the PlayStation and labeled as such with the x, square, circle, triangle. It also features a touch pad and a scroll pad on the right hand side of the keyboard (which will be a bit annoying for the left-hand populous) and mouse left and right click buttons underneath the touch pad. There are some issues with the controls though. For one, there is no labeling of the ‘select’, ‘start’, and the R/L buttons. Using the trial and error method in the internet browser, I was able to figure out that F3 was select and F4 was the start button. The R1 and L2 buttons can be done with the media keys up top but the biggest button lacking is the PS button – WHY WASN’T THAT PUT IN?!! Another problem was with the touch pad being slow to respond. My inputs took a moment to act on the screen. It’s not a huge lag but it is annoying none the less and when trying to zero in on a link quickly across the screen, it is impossible to get it perfectly.

The keyboard sits on your lap very comfortably since it is so light and after a while, you forget it’s even there. The media keys present a problem where the buttons and the raised chrome plastic are at the same height with almost no gap in between. This makes it nearly impossible at first to press the button you want without looking. After a while you figure it out but if there were some clearly defined spaces between the buttons it would be nice also.

Overall, the Logitech Mediaboard Pro Bluetooth keyboard for the PS3 is a great package with a few minor issues. It installs very easily and it works great. The price is in line with other Bluetooth keyboards and it also adds on a touch pad so that you don’t have to inconvenience yourself with a separate mouse. It is a must have if you plan on doing internet browsing or using Linux and want to be able to sit at the couch without a cord running across for someone to trip on.

If I had to add a feature, I would add a USB port to it so that I could charge it with rechargeable batteries like the PS3 controllers and also still be able to use it while it charges in case it is dead. Maybe in the next iteration of the keyboard it will be added in.

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