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So my name is Rashed and I am currently 23 years old and born in a beautiful 4th world country called Bangladesh. When I was about 2-3 months old, I developed pneumonia and I beat death but I ended up developing chronic asthma afterwards. I ended up moving from Bangladesh at the age of 5 to the United States and more specifically, New York City.

I remember the events and thoughts of first taste of the states. It was during January so I experienced cold and snow for the first time since Bangladesh is a tropical country and it never drops below 60 ever. What was more amazing than the beauty of the white (and black from pollution) snow were the lights. It was so bright outside with the lights reflecting off the snow that it looked like it was day time with a black sky. There were Christmas lights, street lamps, billboards with lights, and so on. I was just amazed and I still get to that point when in a big city.

I was a great kid who learned English fluently enough to carry on most conversations in just one semester and skipped 2nd grade. I was in the honors classes in junior high school. Then I obviously had to lash out and “find myself” during high school with those amazing teenage hormones freshly pumping through. So basically I screwed up a lot in high school and didn’t do too well.

Now, I live in beautiful California where the Sun and people are always smiling (except in Oakland…they have an anti-smiling policy there). It’s really nice to not be in a world surrounded by corporate walls and structures and actually be able to see more than 2-3 trees ever city block. Sadly that will probably end one day as the human population increases.

I’ve always been a car nut and I really do love the smell of burning gas and especially nitro-methane. The thing that really draws me in is the sound. I currently have a 2003 Honda S2000 that’s heavily modified (and soon will be up for sale for your grabbing) and a 2002 Lexus IS300 (auto 🙁 ). The Lexus will probably get a few modifications to it too soon since I am an Engineering major and I love playing around with stuff. My other hobby includes bikes and RC cars. I pretty much use my 2007 Fuji Team RC road bike as my main mode of transportation through town since gas prices are so high and my S2000 probably gets about 7mpg with how often I punch it and the ~400whp it has. I also have a few nitro-powered RC cars from 1/10 to 1/8 scale.

Overall, I am a nerd and mostly a computer nerd. I’ve owned a computer since the age of 7 and learned a few languages and etc. over time. If you search up “The ST Spot” in Google you’ll find a website I made when I was around 13. It’s a pretty bad website, but for the time it was one of the few that incorporated frames in the layout.

In 2005 I started up my own business after being in the aftermarket auto parts hobby and dabbling in the business for years called Automotive Speed. I decided that between other things that are important and the business, it kept me from enjoying my life and living it like I wanted to so I sold it. I also started up another website called S2000Turbo.com that kept the business off cars for at least a little bit for me.

My favorite band of all time are the Smashing Pumpkins and I still listen to their songs at least once a week and have been doing so since I first heard their song Tonight, Tonight so many years ago. My first CD was Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness, which is probably their best CD in my opinion.

If you are reading this part, that’s pretty impressive you aren’t completely bored because honestly I am just writing fluff and I bet a lot of it is random and incomplete. Oh well, that’s a lot like a lot of situations in life – random and incomplete – I guess that’s what helps make it amazing.


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    Emma November 10, 2012

    Wow I like Smashing Pumpkins too! Maybe we should hang out.

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    Jack Cook December 10, 2013

    Thank you so much for writing the article on how to Enable File & Printer Sharing Windows/Surface RT. It was a huge help to me … I never would have figured that out. It was incredibly simple to do!

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      Rashed Talukder December 10, 2013

      Thanks Jack! Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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