How to add LED lights to Power Wheels F150

 February 19, 2009
Posted by Rashed Talukder

Alright, so you went ahead and bought one of the greatest toys for either adult or child – a Power Wheels by Fisher Price – and you want to be able to drive around at night without crashing into everything. The solution would be to add headlights and taillights to your Power Wheels. With this how-to guide, this is a pretty easy task and best of all, MR16 type LED bulbs are easy to find and an almost direct drop-in for headlights, fog lights and taillights of your Power Wheels. They require just a little bit of work and trimming to get a perfect looking fit.

Powerwheels lights on f150

Items Needed for Lights on PowerWheels:

  1. A Power Wheels Ford F150
  2. 2x white MR16 120° bulbs for headlights
  3. 2x yellow MR16 120° bulbs for fog lights
  4. 2x 1157 red bulb for taillights
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Dremel rotary tool with cut-off wheel, grinder, drill
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. 22ga wire
  9. Female spade connector and crimper

Installing LED Headlights on Your Power Wheels

Power Wheels LED Headlight install

To take off the headlight lens, remove screw that’s on the lens right when you open the hood. That will let you remove the whole cover and lens easily.LED Headlight install Power Wheels Ford F-150

You will need to trim down the plastic T shaped tab on the back of the lens with a dremel and then drill out a hole big enough to fit the connector end of the LED lights through. Don’t make a hole too big though because you need material to hold the light in place. You just want to drill big enough to have the socket part of the light go through and the center part of the lens removed.

LED Headlight install Power Wheels F150Power Wheels LED Headlight install

 Line up the 2″ diameter MR16 LED light and glue it on from the back using either hot glue or some other plastic safe adhesive. Be sure angle the lens correctly to avoid it shining in weird directions.

Installing LED Fog lights to Your Power Wheels

How to install LED Foglight Power Wheels

Remove the fake fog light lens and cover by looking behind the bumper and pushing in the tabs and pushing them out. Once you have that done, the new MR16 LED fog lights will fit right into the front bumper.

How to Foglight install Power Wheels F-150 Foglight Install - Power Wheels Ford F150You will need to dremel down the little tabs to make it smooth so that the cover can fit snug with the LED light. It might also help to dremel some of the bumper holes down as well if it is hard to push the light in. The whole thing should fit very tight and hold itself in place once the cover is in the holes with the tabs.

Installing LED Taillights on Your Power Wheels

LED Taillight install Power Wheels F-150

Now to install the taillights. There is really no easy way to get to it, so the easiest way is to take off the rear bed and just get right to it. Drill a hole through the black plastic where ever you want to mount the LED. It will be tight but it can be done. You can also remove the black plastic piece but I avoided doing that. Once you have the hole drilled out, put the LED in there. I used a red LED because the red LED has more light in the red spectrum than the white and since it will only show red, it would shine brighter than if you were to use a white LED. Here is what it looks like installed:How to install LED Taillight on Power Wheels F150

LED Wiring Tips & Finished Light Install

Now you will need to wire it all in. I drilled a small hole where the power wires come in for the front lights/fogs with a small hole in the rear and ran the wires under the seat and shifter cover plastics. Make sure that you connect and test the lights because the LED will only light up if you have the polarities correct. If you have the polarities backwards, they will not light up. So be sure to test each one before finishing everything up or soldering/heat shrinking everything in place. Also note the voltage! The MR16 bulbs are for 12V systems only so if you have a Power Wheels that’s 6v, you’ll need to either add another 6v in series or have an additional 12v battery for the lights.

After your hard work, this is what the Power Wheels F-150 ends up looking like in the dark after adding the headlights, fog lights, and taillights:

Power Wheels Light Install Guide Power Wheels Light Install How To Finished


  1. beville

    Where did you buy the bulbs for the conversion on your Ford F-150. Great idea I would like to do the same for my sons’ truck. Thanks

      • Danny

        How can I hook up neons to my sons Mercedes Benz g55 amg? I want to put them under the truck ! Before I give it to him on his bday !!

  2. travis candelaria

    Great job with the modifactions to your power wheels. i appericate the link to buy the lights, just have a question about the lights details…. i saw on the link they have all types and styles of the red 1157. Which one did you use?? and for the m 16 white and yellow bulbs i entered it in the seach bar and no results showed.. can you help point me in the right direction…..

  3. Bill

    How did you connect the lights to the truck itself?

    • |

      Do you mean the wiring? You just connect the + to the red terminal and the – to the black terminal on the battery. If you’re using a switch, you’d place the switch in between EITHER the red(+) or the black(-) wires.

      • Bill

        Do I need to add any inline fuse when I install the lights and if so, where would I put it?

    • Angelo Jensen

      The truck is 12v and the motor is 6v. How did you keep from burning up the motor and electronics?

      • |

        The vehicle I had was completely 12v. It came with 12v battery and 12v electronics/motors. If you have a 6v car, you can either get 6v LEDs or get a small auxiliary 12v battery for the equipment that needs it.

  4. rosendo

    o como le podría hacer para colocarlas

  5. John

    Are those tail lights actual plastic covers or the stickers they have?

    • |

      On the model I have, they are actual plastic covers.

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