Apple iTunes 2nd in Music Sales to Walmart

Apple iTunes 2nd in Music Sales to Walmart

Tracking firm NPD Group has announced that Apple’s iTunes Store is now the second largest retailer of music after selling over 4 billion songs to over 50 million customers according to Apple. During Christmas day alone, the iTunes store sold 20 million songs.

Their record currently surpasses big time retailers like Best Buy (who came in third) and Target in 4th place. iTunes was topped only by Walmart stores as overall online music downloads are strongly picking up the pace.

48 percent of music purchased by teenagers wasn’t by CD according to the NPD. It can easily be attributed to most people only wanting one or two songs – since many artists these days produce one-hit-per-CD albums. CD singles are too costly for one song and mp3/AAC downloads are priced much more reasonably for consumers of all age ranges.

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